6th Class Christmas projects.

These projects are so lovely and well worth a read.
6th Class Christmas projects.

6th Class Christmas Projects

6th class did Christmas projects from the 4th of December to the 13th of December. We were told to present our projects in a Christmas shape. We were very creative and there were lots of different shapes such as Christmas trees, Snowmen, Christmas Stockings, Presents, Bells, Christmas Hats etc.

We had four topics to choose from: My Family, Christmas Around the World, A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Poem. The most popular was Christmas around the world, then Christmas carols, then my family and nobody chose a Christmas poem!

We had great fun decorating and making.

Happy Christmas.

Christmas Around the World Rubric


Room to Improve L


Good work!


Well done - you’ve got it!



Simply amazing!


Display is cluttered and missing required information.

Display is cluttered. Some sentences may be incomplete or unclear.

Display is organised and sentences are complete. Some illustrations or images are included.

Display is thoughtfully organised and creatively decorated

with appropriate images and illustrations to a high standard.


Student presents information out of order. It is unclear for the audience to understand.

Student presents some facts in order.

Student presents all the facts in order, and the audience can understand the material.

Student presents facts in a well thought out order and makes the presentation entertaining for the audience to follow and be engaged.


Information is copied directly from the original source – internet, book etc.

Only one topic has been covered. Very little information included

Some information copied directly and presenter is not familiar with words used.

Two topics have been chosen but there is no clear definition. Some information not included

Most of the information has been put into the student’s own words and most terms included understood.

Two clear topics covered. Most points included

All information has been put into the student’s own words and the student is familiar with and can explain any subject specific language.

Two topics covered in detail. All points included


Voice is mumbled and quiet, sometimes making it less than clear for the audience.

Student tries to project their voice and speak clearly but is quiet at times.

Student projects their voice. They speak clearly, and audience members can hear and understand.

Voice is clear and engaging, using expression confidently.

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