A letter to parents

From Joanne McDonagh
A letter to parents

Dear Parents,

The staff of KPS hopes you are keeping well. Last week pupils were given plenty of work to support their learning until the Easter break. They are to do their best but not to stress over anything. Learning tables is a good investment of time as your child will use them right up to Leaving Cert. On our website are some ideas that might suit your family over the next few weeks. This is just a menu of activities so pick enjoyable ones that motivate your child. Ideas on our website include:

  • KPS Lego challenge - if you email pictures of pupils’ Lego masterpieces to email below we will publish them on twitter and website.
  • World Book online have made 3000 audio books available for pupils. Access it through scoilnet.ie for ease of access.
  • INTO suggest a comprehensive list of ideas, tips and tricks for homebased learning
  • 6th class learning path for WW1
  • Three Tech Week challenges
  • KPS most commonly misspelled words list
  • PE @ Home 2020

Check school Twitter for details of Will Sliney’s Daily Art Challenge.

After Easter we will contact you with plans for your child’s further learning. Teachers are currently collaborating in their class groups to facilitate this. Make sure pupils take the Easter holidays off.

Reflect on the advice clinical psychologist Shane Martin gave PA at their AGM in September.

  1. Rational Thinking- question your child’s thinking. In KPS we call this ‘bossing our thoughts’. At Prayer Services pupils have practised breathing techniques, having perspective rather than focusing on problems and positive self-talk to promote a growth mind-set.
  2. Empathy - think of others and take every opportunity to be kind. Remind children that they are members of a family and a community and to think beyond themselves. Social distancing will require sacrifices.
  3. Gratitude - regularly remember all we have to be grateful for. In the practice ‘Jigsaw of Perspective’ pupils imagine their life is a jigsaw puzzle. Their worries/ problems are one piece of the puzzle but their family, home, health, nature, school, friends, pets and hobbies are other pieces of the puzzle to be grateful for.
  4. Unlearn helplessness - don’t do things for the old or the young that they are able to do for themselves as it disempowers them.
  5. Be sociable - It is hugely challenging now as we all miss our friends and grandparents - facetime if you can. Be sociable, kind and understanding to the family members we are quarantined. Playing board games practises our social skills.
  6. Flow - encourage your child to have a hobby (not technology) that they love so much they lose all track of time when they engage with it - reading, sport, music, Lego
  7. Shane’s bonus number 7 was to encourage spirituality. He noted that in our secular world he often avoided talking about this strategy. However, his experience supporting people in his practice over the years had taught him that those who were spiritual found that it supported them through life’s difficult times.

Email kilcooleprimaryschool@gmail.com if you need to contact school.

We wish good health to you and your families. We sincerely look forward to the resumption of teaching and learning in KPS.

Kind regards,

Joanne and all the staff of KPS.


25 2020
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