Green Schools Action Day

We are currently working towards our eighth flag onthe theme of Global Citizenship - Marine Environment.
Green Schools Action Day

We are working towards the school’s eighth flag – Global Citizenship: Marine Environment. This theme focuses on the importance of looking after our marine environment and the changes we can make in order to have a positive global effect on the marine environment. We held an Action Day today, Tuesday 9th April. Our school hall was transformed into a marine environment. Jelly fish were created out of plastic bags and other marine life was created using plastic waste from our school. The aim of this Action Day was to inform the school about marine life and to create awareness about marine litter. We used this day as an opportunity to have a ‘Single-Use Plastic Free Day’ in school. All students made a conscious effort to choose sustainable ways of bringing their lunch to school. Thank you to all who made our Action Day a great success!

human_change_not_climate_change (1).JPGhuman_change_not_climate_change (2).JPG

01 2021
Back to school for all our pupils.
Happy holidays.
5th Class walked the Pure Mile to the beach and had fun and games seeing who could balance the most pebbles, created beach art, skimmed stones and even managed to find time for a paddle. Life is good in Kilcoole.
Just a small sample of the lovely summery art on display on our walls at the moment.
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