Lego challenge photos

Please email one photo with challenge day and pupil name in the subject line.
Lego challenge photos

Day 1 rollercoaster (from 20-3-20)

D. Murray 4th Green

L. Donnelly 1st Green

Day 2 rocket

A. Taylor 1st Yellow

Day 3 dream home

H. and M. Horan

Masterpiece no. 1 C. Lawless Senior Infants

T Gammell

Day 4 design and build your dream bedroom

L. Donnelly 1st Green

Day 5 design and build a den for your friends

L Donnelly 1st Green

Day 6 build an underwater home for Spongebob

Day 7 tallest tower

L. Donnelly

L Murphy

Day 8 bus for school tours

Day 9 cool car

T Quaid

M Mohan

C Williams

L Donnelly

Day 10 design a sitting room for your Granny

L. Murphy

Day 11 build a boat that seats you and five friends

L Murphy 3rd Yellow

Day 12 build a shape that looks like a sphere

Day 13 build a bridge

L Murphy

Day 14 build an Easter Bunny

L Murphy 3rd Yellow

R White 1st Yellow

Day 15 construct an Easter bonnet

Day 16 design a new Green Schools flag to celebrate marine life

Day 17 build a statue of Timmy our Caretaker

J Martin 2nd Class Orange

Day 18 build a summer flower garden

Day 19 build a 3D St. Anthony

Day 20 build a 3D St. Brigid

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