Lego challenge photos

Days 1 to 20. Please email one photo with challenge day and pupil name in the subject line. Looking forward to seeing your Day 17 creations of Timmy our Caretaker. Go raibh maith agaibh.
Lego challenge photos

Day 1 rollercoaster (from 20-3-20)

D. Murray 4th Green

L. Donnelly 1st Green

Day 2 rocket

A. Taylor 1st Yellow

Day 3 dream home

H. and M. Horan

Masterpiece no. 1 C. Lawless Senior Infants

T Gammell

Day 4 design and build your dream bedroom

L. Donnelly 1st Green

Day 5 design and build a den for your friends

L Donnelly 1st Green

Day 6 build an underwater home for Spongebob

Day 7 tallest tower

L. Donnelly

L Murphy

Day 8 bus for school tours

Day 9 cool car

T Quaid

M Mohan

C Williams

Day 10 design a sitting room for your Granny

L. Murphy

Day 11 build a boat that seats you and five friends

L Murphy 3rd Yellow

Day 12 build a shape that looks like a sphere

Day 13 build a bridge

L Murphy

Day 14 build an Easter Bunny

L Murphy 3rd Yellow

R White 1st Yellow

Day 15 construct an Easter bonnet

Day 16 design a new Green Schools flag to celebrate marine life

Day 17 build a statue of Timmy our Caretaker

Day 18 build a summer flower garden

Day 19 build a 3D St. Anthony

Day 20 build a 3D St. Brigid

06 2020
Easter Holidays
04 2020
Bank holiday
07 2020
23 2020
First Holy Communion
For Monday April 20 - 24.
From Joanne McDonagh
Lots of movement break ideas and fitness challenges. Go for it!
Let your imagination run wild! Remember to take a photo and email it.
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