Microsoft Dreamspace

Our visit to Microsoft’s Dreamspace in their Sandyford headquarters this morning was inspiring.
Microsoft Dreamspace

We were brought on a tour of this most impressive working environment. Would you believe it is as big as two Croke Parks? We loved the wall and floor of lights that could change to represent themes such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. Today it was a waterfall and lake of lights.

We were given a STEAM challenge where we had to engineer and construct a building to the height of at least 40cm using equipment that was provided. Each team were given a ‘lucky dip’ item to help with the task. The finished building had to withstand a SHAKE without collapsing. Each team worked collaboratively to design, develop, debug and deploy their task. It was interesting to see the different design approaches. We were relieved that every single one of our ‘buildings’ withstood the shake test.

We then progressed to coding using micro:bits. While working in pairs we were assigned a six step challenge that saw us using blocks of code:

  • We had to include the name of the building that we had designed earlier,
  • its height,
  • we had to assign functions to buttons,
  • we had to make an alarm sound when the micro:bit was shaken (we were amazed that such a small device has built-in motion sensors),
  • finally we had to include a flashing LED light to communicate a distress signal.

The morning flew and we enjoyed the lunch and the refreshing snack that was also provided on our arrival. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and many of us would love to work there in the future.

A big thank you to Shoshanna and Amanda of Microsoft for making our experience so memorable.

Thank you also to Bridget (parent) who told us about this event and who was also one of the parents who came to our school to do the Hour of Code before Christmas.

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