Science Week 2023

As we near the end of another fabulous Science Week, we look back on action packed days engaging in a myriad of hands-on activities and experiments.
Science Week 2023

We congratulate our pupils who demonstrated their STEAM learning so confidently on Tuesday.

Thank you to our parents, grandparents and Buddy, who took the time out of their busy schedules, to visit our Science Extravaganza and put our pupils through their paces with tricky questions.

Since Tuesday we have continued the theme and attended online STEM sessions and interactive games organised by SFI Curious Minds and Microsoft Dream Space. Is aoibhinn beatha an scoláire.

Science Week 2023

1st Class Green

Forces – friction - investigating slopes

Living Things – fingerprints - uniqueness

1st Yellow

Forces – electricity – static electricity

Materials – characteristics and properties – blubber - insulator

1st Orange

Forces – magnetism - magnetic car races – design and make, estimating and measuring distance in relation to the incline of the slope

Materials and properties - dancing raisins – changing density

2nd Orange

Materials and change - soft shelled eggs – acid (vinegar) base (eggshell) chemical reaction

Living things – how plants drink - osmosis

2nd Green

Materials – oobleck- non- Newtonian fluid experiment

Forces – surface tension – floating - marbling

2nd Yellow

Inertia – egg drop

Light – reflections - mirror writing

3rd Orange

Materials – surface tension - magic milk

Energy and forces – magnetism – magnetic cars

3rd Yellow

Sound – design and make – string telephone

Energy and forces – design and make - paddle boats.

3rd Green

Living Things - tendons of the hand – engineering - design and make

Sound – design and make - guitar – changing pitch

4th Orange

Forces – engineering - design and make a CD hovercraft

Living Things – how the lungs work – design and make model

4th Green

Engineering – bridges, mines, houses

Forces – levers – puppet creation and movement

4th Yellow

Living Things – keeping healthy, the importance of ‘snot’.

Materials – states of matter– density - lava lamp – oil floats as it’s less dense than water.

5th Orange

Forces – design and make a Newton meter – investigate muscle fibres.

Engineering – investigate compressive strength

5th Yellow

Living things – how plants drink – osmosis

Chemical reaction – vinegar + bread soda = CO2

5th Green

Sound – bottle xylophone – changing pitch

Light – reflections, refraction - mirror writing

6th Yellow

Living things – design and make – model of lungs

Environmental awareness and care – pollution solution

6th Orange

Environmental Awareness and Care – pollution solution

Living things – model of the heart – monitoring heart rate

6th Green

Forces – gravity – air resistance - Galileo - Newton

Living things – energy – investigating sugar, starch and flour

Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023Science Week 2023
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A short video to remind us of the super creative talent in KPS. Thank you to all the parents who visited our outdoor exhibition.
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