Science Awards Application 2018-2019

Science Awards Application 2018-2019

Our Discovery Log 2018-2019

Step 1 Science

Step 2 Technology

Step 3 Engineering

Step 4 Maths

Step 5 STEM Showcase: Please have a look at our Science Day photos in the video below. We had a great day. We are already planning and looking forward to our next science showcase day.

Paddle Boat Wars:

CD hovercraft:

Science Day 2016

Our annual Science Day was on Tuesday November 15th during Science Week 2016. Our pupils showcased many fascinating new projects and experiments that displayed the scientific process and scientific thinking. Thanks to the many parents who visited on the day. The grid below is a list of the experiments/scientific processes presented by each class on the day.

1st Orange

Lava Lamps

Making Music

1st Yellow

Square Bubbles

Is Yeast Alive?

1st Green

Dancing Raisins

2nd Orange

Blasting Balloons

Which Ball is the Bounciest?

2nd Yellow

Investigating Surface Tension

Investigating Sound Insulation- Keeping Loud Sounds Out

2nd Green

Static Electricity

Water Power

The Importance of Safety Belts

3rd Orange

Diving Drops - Sinking Feeling

The Magnet Magician

3rd Yellow

Rainbow Milk

Creepy Fingers

3rd Green

Paddle Boat

Paper Helicopters

4th Orange

Gravity – Reaction Timer

Lava Lamp

4th Yellow

Rainbow Spinners


Warm Air Takes Up More Space

5th Orange

Hover Craft

Lava Art

5th Yellow

Bottle Xylophone

Designing and Making a Paper Rocket

6th Orange

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

6th Yellow

The Archimedes Screw

Filtering Dirty Water

Lego Robotics Club.

There were only seven coveted places in the Robotics Club this year. Places were given on the basis of maths scores to keep it fair and transparent. Participants learn how to programme robots. The EV3 Robot Mind was purchased to programme the robots this year. This looks like a Gameboy. You are allowed to use four motors to move various parts of the robot and you are allowed to use as many sensors and tech lego frame pieces as you like when constructing the robot. However, the more the robot does, the more challenging it is to programme.

The club are entering the First Lego League competition on 21st January 2017. This year’s theme is animal allies, how we interact with animals and how they interact with us. The first part of the project is completing a practical robotics demonstration on stage. There are 15 missions that the robotics club practise regularly. In the competition the club members will get 2.5 minutes to complete as many missions as possible. For our project we have chosen the Little Tern as our animal because of its protected nesting site in Kilcoole. Harry Barry interviewed Birdwatch Ireland to get information about the Little Tern for the project. He discovered the biggest challenge the Little Tern faces is the fox. Last year a fox wiped out 40 nests from our local beach.

The club will run some labs over the Christmas in preparation for competition in January. Thanks to James and Kayla Scott for organising the club and running it from their home. Club members are Michael Shannon, Harry Barry, Lucy Mc Gowan, Anna Morris, Christian Smith, Jermiah Scott and Madeline Scott.

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Have a lovely Easter holiday - March 25 to April 5 inclusive. See you on our return on Monday April 8th.
Tá mí Márta agus Seachtain na Gaeilge buailte linn arís, le clár imeachtaí lán go béal le ghníomhaíochtaí chultúrtha agus teangan do dhaltaí KPS.
The KPS community warmly welcomed Olympians Lucy Mulhall and Róisín McGettigan to the hall in St. Brigid's Building this morning. We were delighted to hear Lucy's inspirational presentation on her journey to the Olympics in Paris this summer.
Congratulations to all our pupils who demonstrated super handwriting skills. Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in every class and prizes were also awarded for highly commended.
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